Improve your Sage software with Adept add-ons

Sovereign Development Systems sells a number of popular, competitively priced, and bespoke add-ons developed by Adept Computer Systems, specifically to integrate and enhance Sage 50. All are available on a no-obligation 14-day trial.

Adept Sage 50 and Account Code Changer

  • Change sales ledger account codes
  • Change purchase ledger account codes
  • Change product codes
  • Change fixed asset codes
  • Change multiple code prefixes in one operation
  • Optionally CSV file of codes to be changed
  • Retains all your transaction and stock history
  • Compatible with all versions of Sage 50 up to v22 (2016)
  • Compatible with Sage Instant and Instant Plus v15 to v18 xx
  • Web update facility to keep your program up to date
  • Only £125.00 + VAT for a company-wide licence
  • Free trial version limited to fixed asset code changes only
  • Get Adept Order Viewer Pro.

    Top of the Adept Viewer range, this program will give your staff high speed access to historical sales and purchase order details.

    • View sales order and invoice history for a customer
    • View purchase order history for a supplier
    • View sales and purchase order history for a product
    • Ideal for dealing with customers who ring up and ask for “five of those widgets you sold me three months ago”
    • All the features of the Adept Product Viewer Mid
    • Only £199.00 + VAT for a company-wide license
    • Thirty-day free trial available

    Need your Sage software perform better? Opt for Adept add-ons for a tailor-made software solution. Call Sovereign Development Systems on