Document management software installations

Are you wasting a lot of time managing company documents?
Sovereign Development Systems have an ideal document management solution that will complement your Sage software perfectly.
Spindle Professional and Spindle Document Capture
are two major pieces of Draycir software that we supply,
install and can set up for your business.
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Get Draycir Spindle Professional

A simple and a straightforward process, the Spindle Professional software package once set-up can send and receive emails, faxes, print and archive your documents and send them to the correct contact in the appropriate format.
The software can handle large quantities of documents conveniently and easily.
You can use Spindle Professional to send data to Sage software as well.

Draycir Spindle Document Capture

The Spindle Document Capture allows you to organise your documents, capture all types of documents including photos, Excel sheets and emails. Capture your documents using an Apple phone, scan in batches using barcodes to speed up the process and give secure access to your employees.
The Draycir Spindle is flexible and can be customized to your business needs.

Do you already have the software installed?
If you need support and training on an ongoing basis, you can rely on Sovereign Development Systems. We also supply and set up add-ons by Adept Computer Systems.

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